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Love Delivery - The UK’s Premier Supplier of Biodynamic Wine

With harmony with nature

When you produce food & drink in harmony with nature, everything tastes better

Far more healthier than regular wine

Biodynamic wines ale far more healthier than their more conventionally produced cousins

Clearer taste, no artificial additives

You get the true character of the grape, rather than just an enhanced version

Made with passion

Biodynamic wineries tend to be small enterprises, often run by families and friends who care much more about the wine

Why biodynamic wine is so special?

Here at Love Delivery, we’re as passionate about the environment as we are about good wine. For all of us up here in Cheshire, being close to nature is central to our lives – as much as possible, we tread lightly on our precious planet. One thing we’re all agreed on is this: when you produce food & drink in harmony with nature, everything tastes better. That’s why we absolutely love biodynamic wine.

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White Pinot Grigio Biodynamic Organic Love Delivery

Domaine Weinbach, Pinot Grigio


Green and Flinty Very rich, with medium body, balanced acidity, medium dryness. Diverse pallet of flavours - peach, apricot, honey, minerals, hint of tangerine and even slightly tropical notes.

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The perfect pairing

Understanding the Healthy manner biodynamic wines are produced

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    Biodynamic Wine

    The future of wine is biodynamic wine. Beyond the romantic stories of vineyards and aging in oak barrels, biodynamics is critical if you want to know about a lot of wine. Biodynamic wines are more than just organic wines; they’re a complete philosophy and lifestyle approach to farming. Love Delivery, the vegan wine shop in the UK, is committed to biodynamics because we want our customers to understand what they’re getting from us and why it’s so special.

    Why is Biodynamic Wine So Special?

    What makes biodynamic wines from Love Delivery so special is the philosophy and process behind the wine. It’s not just about the grapes or the vintages. It’s about how those wines are developed from start to finish. Our biodynamic wines are part of a complete process that begins with our selection of growers. We only work with biodynamic growers who have proven their commitment to the philosophy and approach. Next, we work with our growers to develop the vineyards through organic practices. Then we let the vines go naturally to produce healthy and pure wines. Finally, we follow a strictly natural winemaking process, putting only healthy grapes into our vats and letting them ferment naturally with native yeast. The result is a natural, pure, alive wine with energy from sunshine, soil, and biodynamic processes.

    Biodynamic Farming Leads to Healthier Grapes and Better Wines

    Biodynamic farming is different from organic farming because the process of creating biodynamic wine begins before the grapes are even grown. Biodynamic growers believe they’re making a living organism with their vines, which they care for and develop over years and generations. This commitment to a holistic process produces healthy grapes, healthier wine, healthier soil, and more environmentally friendly wines. We have a corporate cocktail delivery service so that you can enjoy them with your colleagues.

    How Does Biodynamic Wine Make Better Wine?

    Biodynamic wine is naturally fermented using native yeast, which results in a cleaner, purer taste. It also means that Love Delivery’s wines are inherently organic, and our organic wine online delivery makes them easily accessible. That’s because our wines have no lab-grown yeast; we let the grapes ferment with only their natural yeast and the CO2 from their fermentation. The wild yeast eats the sugars in the grapes and converts them into alcohol which is what you taste in our wines.

    Why Is Wine So Important?

    Wine has been part of human culture for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows grapes were first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent over 6,000 years ago. We know wine was being made and traded between the Egyptians and ancient Babylonians before 3,000 BC. So it’s clear that wine is part of who we are as humans; there’s even evidence that our ability to metabolize alcohol is positively selected against other hominids who could not process alcohol efficiently enough to contribute to their clans positively. 

    The Perfect Pairing

    Understanding the Healthy manner biodynamic wines are produced, their purity and focus on a natural process is the perfect pairing for Love Delivery. Our winemakers who cultivate an understanding of biodynamics (specifically the ideal, unbroken chain of biodynamic production) know how to create balanced, pure wines that are healthy for the body and mind. You can buy organic wine online from us. 

    How do I know if what I’m drinking is Biodynamic?

    Some labels show they are biodynamic, but you don’t have to be an astronomer to understand the importance of what’s in your glass. The important part is that the wine is balanced and pure. You can taste the difference in biodynamic wines from Love Delivery, so discover more about what we offer. Avail of our corporate drinks delivery service today.

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