The UK’s Premier Supplier of Biodynamic Wine

Love Delivery - The UK’s Premier Supplier of Biodynamic Wine

Why biodynamic wine is so special?

Here at Love Delivery, we’re as passionate about the environment as we are about good wine. For all of us up here in Cheshire, being close to nature is central to our lives – as much as possible, we tread lightly on our precious planet. One thing we’re all agreed on is this: when you produce food & drink in harmony with nature, everything tastes better. That’s why we absolutely love biodynamic wine.

Wine of the Month

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White Pinot Grigio Biodynamic Organic Love Delivery

Domaine Weinbach, Pinot Grigio


Green and Flinty Very rich, with medium body, balanced acidity, medium dryness. Diverse pallet of flavours - peach, apricot, honey, minerals, hint of tangerine and even slightly tropical notes.

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