Red wine

Biodynamic red

Very similar in style to a pinot noir, these easy-drinking reds are a real crowd-pleasers. Hold it up to the light and you’ll appreciate gleaming, ruby-rich colour. Fruity on both nose and palate, it is packed full of juicy red berry notes that enliven your taste buds – cherry particularly stands out. Unlike some reds, they are low in acidity, leading to a lighter taste and softer feel in the mouth. The organic grapes create great clarity of flavour.

Like other lighter reds, matches well with roast duck and mushroom dishes. It also brings out the flavours of charcuterie and gooey Frenches cheeses. And, being so accessible, it’s the perfect choice for introducing red wine to nervous friends who tend to stick to white. Remember also that reds aren’t just for winter – they work well in the summer season with a very light chilling in the fridge.

These form part of a collection of wines from approved vineyards across Europe’s wine region. This winery is a small operation, with expert cultivators who use traditional methods dating back centuries. Vines here are nurtured by hand, and this care really shows in the delicate taste of the wine. Like all of Love Delivery’s wine, they are low in sulphates and high in flavour.

Feeling tempted? Click the button below and you can have them delivered straight to your door, by tomorrow if you like (orders must be placed by 10pm). We deliver right across the UK, so if you’re in Kensington searching for pure red wine to buy online, or wanting the best red wine in Manchester, we’ll get it to you.

These are the first of many red wines Love Delivery will be offering. Right now, we’re sipping our way through some really tasty ones from across UK and Europe. Our plan is to create a collection of rich biodynamic reds. Our standards are high – we want much more individuality than the supermarkets offer – so we will be expanding our collection little by little.

At Love Delivery, biodynamic wines are our speciality. We believe they are the healthiest choice both for your body and the planet. They don’t contain any additives which alter the flavour of the wine. And if you think about it, this way of producing wine was the norm centuries ago, when people lived closer to nature. At Love Delivery, we’re proud to support these winemakers in carrying traditional methods into a new era.

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