Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Biodynamic Sparkling and Champagne

We’re very proud to present these uber vineyards, our very first sparkling, part of a boutique collection from bespoke vineyards from France and Spain. It is a traditional place, where the winemakers cultivate the vines by hand, taking great care of the precious grapes. After ensuring the wine is of the best possible standard, they bottle it unfiltered, thus avoiding the use of sulphates as much as possible. This makes for a very pure wine bubbles.

Champagne is a wine with a vibrant personality. As you can see from the photograph, it has a rich coral colour and distinct density. On the nose, expect a mouth-watering harmony of fruit and floral notes. At first sip it is semi-dry and packed with a burst of fresh green apple, pineapple, pear and lime. The flavours intensify with drinking, and you’ll find a satisfying minerality on the finish.

Very similar in style to a pinot grigio rosé, this wine is best served with delicately flavoured food. Seafood would be ideal, and it also pairs well with poached salmon or trout. Of course, like all sparkling and champagne, it’s made for summer evenings in the garden with friends. Best served cold from the fridge. We recommend sipping slowly to get the most out of the flavour development.

Feeling tempted? Click the button below and you can have this wine delivered straight to your door, by tomorrow if you like (orders must be placed by 10pm). Biodynamic rosé wine delivery isn’t just for London – we deliver across the UK, so you can enjoy organic sparkling wine whether you’re in Kensington or Kendal.

This is the first of several sparkling wines Love Delivery will be offering. Our plan is to curate a collection of unique wines from small biodynamic wineries across Europe. Our criteria are that they must be unique and very different to the more standardised ranges found in supermarkets. All our wines must meet our very specific standards, so we will be expanding our collection gradually.

At Love Delivery, biodynamic wines are our speciality. We believe they are the healthiest choice both for your body and the planet. They don’t contain any additives which alter the flavour of the wine. And if you think about it, this way of producing wine was the norm centuries ago, when people lived closer to nature. At Love Delivery, we’re proud to support these winemakers in carrying traditional methods into a new era.

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